The Demons of the Holy Abbey - Enemies - Miniatures (32mm and 75mm)


The Demons of the Holy Abbey Collection has over 40 models to choose from. Play as either a one-shot or add models to your games or displays. The collection includes monsters, NPCs, playable characters and props for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or just to display on your shelf. The models are a solid resin 3D print, scaled to 32mm for the playable mini or 75mm for display. This model was designed by STLFlix.

Looking for a specific model or gaming accessory? Send us an email and we will see what we can do. We have 1,000s of models and designs! We also have dice bags, trays, dice towers, deck boxes, and more!
Demons of the Holy Abbey was designed for a 8th level party of 4 characters, and it works as a stand-alone adventure or as an inspiration for the DM to build up something new. This material brings you all the information you’ll
need in matters of creatures, monsters to be fought, and the available characters to be played with, but you’ll still need to have a primary knowledge of the D&D 5e. basic rules, that can be easily found on D&D 5.e - Player’s Handbook. Demons of the Holy Abbey is divided into sections for you to consult as you please. However, this is just a guide to help you navigate through this adventure – you are the one and only Dungeon Master so feel free to ignore whatever parts or descriptions you find unworthy of yours and
your players’ time, and replace them with what you believe suits best to your party. The main goal of role-playing games is having fun, not following strict orders and rules.

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